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Piracy Of Your Content!


Increase The Value Of Your Content By Controlling Your Piracy

Our mission is to protect you against all areas of piracy. By doing so we drive more people to sign up and pay for your premium content as they are continuously pointed to broken downloads and dead ends.


File sharing is the largest form of illegal distribution for adult content. We monitor 100s of blogs, forums and file sharing search engines to ensure your content protected at all times.


Torrents are the most popular form of file transfer. Torrent links also harm your organic traffic as they are high ranking across all of the major search engines.


Tubes are a controversial matter, but we tell our clients to own the tubes don't let them own you. Upload your promotional content and we'll remove the pirated content.

Search Engines

Infringing download links are directly harming your site’s ranking across search engines such as Google. Due to this, people who are looking for your content are being directed to free downloads instead of your official site.

Get Your rank back!

We monitor Google Search Results (SERPS) on a daily basis, filtering out all of the infringing results that harm your ranking. By removing the results that point potential customers in the wrong direction, your traffic from search engines will increase therefore creating more opportunities to convert visitors in to paying clients. We have a proven method which is being used by some of the industry's most popular content programs.

*We are recognized by Google as a Trusted DMCA Partner

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    We have worked and tailored our service around some of the largest content networks in the world, everyday we strive to continuously improve and develop new technology to combat against piracy.

    There is a reason why the industry are turning to us so come try it out for yourself!

    File-Sharing Removals

    Search Engine Removals

    Torrent Link Removals

    Tube Video Removals

    Days In Opperation Sites Protecting Total Links Removed Avg. Takedowns per Site Kill Rate
    days 192 43,682 98.6%


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