Since we started we have been continuously developing systematic scanning software to monitor as many blogs, forums and file sharing search engines on a daily basis, now we monitor over 140 different sources and this number is growing each week. We don’t just search using your basic brand titles we collect all of your scene or DVD titles to ensure we find as much as possible, we can even perform cross reference search using models are other keywords. In most cases once we find an infringement we are able to remove these files within hours. We have a 99% success rate with removing from the cyber-lockers.


With torrents we are covering all of the top sources both directly and indirectly. We are continuously scanning the torrent search engines which aggregate many of the smaller sites but also scan the most problematic sites directly. In cases such as ThePirateBay we have measures in place that remove the links from Google as soon as they are released. Our software can also replicate these findings to remove proxy site results from creeping up the search engine rankings before they become a problem.

Search Engine

We can aggregate any search term on Google using your brand and content titles with other keywords like download or torrent. We then run a filter of pirate sites against these results followed by manual verification, ready to submit to Google. This method ensures we remove the pirate links which are most harming your sites ranking in Google. We also remove any torrent, file sharing and tube infringements which our system finds.

Tube Sites

When your content is ripped on a tube and has not been titled with any of your content information this is not directly harming the value of your content, as a user can only stumble across this infringement whilst browsing through categories not when purposing search for your content, we want to target the tube rip which can be searched for using your contents titles, as it is these rips which stop people needing to sign up to watch your content.

We want your promotion content to thrive on the tubes, our tube detection software monitors dozen of the most popular tubes and tube feeder networks and detects any video which contains your contents brand and scene/DVD titles, these links are then queue for manual verification to ensure we don’t remove any of your promotional content.

Manual Investigations

This is a very important part of our service. Every client has time allocated for manual investigations, this allow us to learn about how their content titles are being encoded, new techniques pirates are using to copy and distribute the material and also aids with software development. During this process we improve our knowledge of the client’s content allowing for easier detection and confidence when verifying that the content is indeed theirs.




And The Rest

Image Monitoring/ Identifying/Removal


Link/Url Redirection

DLC and Container protected Piracy

Captcha and Challenge response protected

Hidden and Password protected

Online group, Yahoo and Google Group

l33t and title modified


Release NFO

Leaked account Username/Cookie

Search Engine
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