Copyright enforcement agency dedicated to digital content protection

Specialising in digital content protection allows us to focus our entire efforts on protection against problematic sources affecting the digital content industry. We cover tubes, blogs, forums, Google, torrents, and file-sharing search engines. Over the past 7 years we have been fortunate enough to build and optimise our services around some of the biggest brands in the industry such as XFC Inc., PMG Entertainment, Mayflower Entertainment, and many more. We target over 3,500 piracy sites, on average remove 220,000 links daily and work with 119 studios across the digital entertainment industry.

Who We Are

Having seen piracy evolve and escalate over the past 20 years you wonder why international law has instated law to eradicate such a problematic situation. It is for this reason we are so interested in continuously learning and studying the dynamics of digital piracy to ensure we are at the forefront of innovation and practice when combating piracy.

XTakedowns was created by Scott Worsnop and David Robertson, having both a background in software and UI develop we set about creating a new solution to combat digital piracy. We soon realised how vast and complex copyright protection is and really saw it’s full reach.

At first creating such a service was a daunting task but once we built the foundations it has been a thrilling journey with new challenges at every turn. We created our software with only digital content protection in mind as we wanted to focus and perfect our service in this area first. The more solutions we create the more new ideas and challenges we face. Directing all of our effort into digital content protection has allowed our service to superseded any previous solution that was available. Now we look forward for new possibilities to not only combat piracy but to drive new traffic and revenue streams to our clients.

We will never stop piracy until all international laws allow us to, so our goal is to control it as much as possible and redirect that traffic to legitimate streams. From our experience piracy will always evolve and we will continue to innovate our services and adapt to it.

Our History