Innovation Through Creativity Determination Persistence

We are here to completely customise our services around your needs. We can take extra measures to investigate and protect against specific piracy types or sites. We can help aid you with any legal proceedings. With a team of 13 individuals dedicated to content protection we have all the resources and technology to tackle your piracy problems no matter how big or small they maybe. Our service has been tried and testing by over 130 studios and with their help we have developed the best service and optimised our operations to take on any problem you may be facing.

Our Tested & Proven Procedures

1 Identify Infringements

By monitoring over 3,500 piracy sites using all of our clients content information

2 File Copyright Notices

Most notices are responded to within hours.

3 Take Digital Evidence

For problematic sites we capture digital screenshots.

4 Full Transparency

Our statistics platform allows you to review all of our history and activities.

Tube Site Strategy

For the tubes we use a variety of solutions but what makes our service so successful is our tube category harvesting, in which we aggregate all of the top tube categories results which are related to your brand(s) and manually review all of the latest releases, enabling us to detect the newly released infringements of your IPR. Having been bench-marked on multiple occasions against other services including those that do fingerprinting we can say with confidence our solution is the most effective around.

Studios often customise their tube protection rules to coincide with their marketing strategies. We can block any site from being targeted and apply duration limits for take down procedures.

We never remove your official content, all of your official content, direct or affiliated is automatically whitelisted.

Search Engine Organic Protection

Since the launch of our new search engine technology, our coverage is second to none, we are currently monitoring over 30,000 Google Searches (around 2.5 million URLs) each day and delegating many of these piracy sources to a harvesting solution. The software also learns during its monitoring process and logs all of the piracy content titles, it then re-scans these for specific titles looking for duplicates around the net.

Blog & Forum Piracy

Cyberlocker protection is another area we triumph in, we have been evolving our blog and forum monitoring solutions for over 4 years as this aspect of our operations is never ending. Many sites have tried implementing blocking techniques to stop our services from detecting and harvesting infringing material. Our technology and services can bypass any of these obstacles, we have custom programs which run on a windows OS and uses FireFox to replicate a real user, and for any other problematic cases we have a dedicated team harvesting infringements, we can even handle capture solving or relinks services through our interactive investigation platform.

Torrent Redirection & protection

One of the most difficult areas to control is torrents, over the past few years we have seen the rise and fall of many torrent sites. What we are mostly left with is a network of non compliant torrent sites which offer entire content libraries, these sites are then duplicated into dozens of proxy sites and all rank high across search engines and other piracy streams.

Through the persistence of our copyright procedures we do manage to remove from many torrent sites, but for those that are non compliant we do continue to take legal action and always ensure this content is removed from Google.

As this situation is getting out of hand we've had to think outside the box and innovate, we now offer a unique monetisation model which will disrupt and infiltrate the torrent world with promotional content and discounted subscription offers. So that our client's can monetise this un-touched traffic source and not be hindered by it, this is still in it's infancy but we are very excited about the future potential.

Key Features

Our Services include:

24/7 monitoring

Digital harvesting

Manual verification

Manual investigations

Digital evidence

DMCA requests

Full support

Custom investigations

Google removals

Scene/DVD management

Capcha solving

Relink decryption

and so much more.